Love your Saab

It's the little touches that count

Upgrading your Saab needn't cost as much as you might think. And the results can be quite eye-catching as well as giving your Saab more individual appeal.

Set yourself a sensible budget and it's surprising the difference something inexpensive but stylish can make. Like the soft black leather and bright burnished wood of a new steering wheel, especially when you pair it with a leather-trimmed gear knob.

Nothing does more to enhance the kerb appeal of any Saab, of course, than our Blade Runner 17" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheel Sets. And unlike other makes of alloys, they're specifically designed not to upset your car's handling or impair the cooling and efficiency of your brakes.

Whether it's new carpet mats for the floor or a sleek black shark fin aerial for the roof, there's a whole host of genuine Saab accessories to increase the versatility, optimise the functionality or simply give your Saab that personal touch.

We've given you a few suggestions to think about but there are many more available to buy - contact us on the number above or drop by for a coffee and a chat.